What is Electronic Engineering ?

Electronic engineering embodies a comprehensive approach, where design expertise meets technological innovation.

By integrating advanced architecture, dynamic design processes, and precise analysis, we create tailor-made electronic solutions.

Our commitment to choosing the most suitable technologies ensures exceptional results perfectly aligned with your innovative and unique needs.

Electronical need ?

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Our Expertise

  • Analog and Digital circuit design
  • High speed design, simulation and signal integrity (Ethernet, PCIe, 10Gbase-KR, XFP, Sytem backplane, Fiber optic, LVDS)
  • High power application
  • Prosumer audio system
  • FPGA & CPLD design
  • Wireless communication (Bluetooth, BLE, Cellular, Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC, GPS, ZigBee, LoRa, Matter)
  • RF/Antenna design and tuning
  • Memory interface (LPDDR, DDR, Flash)
  • Microcontroller, microprocessor and DSP
  • Battery management system (BMS)
  • PCB using HDI technologies on exotics materials

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