Brioconcept starts with your idea, creates a solution and handles all stages of development to deliver a quality turnkey product ready to go to market. […]

Brioconcept‘s software and firmware design services helps you get your project on the market fast. We can help you get your microprocessor up and running by handling the boot process (BIOS or uBoot) and make sure you have all the drivers you need to control your hardware. […]

From the simple control CPLD to the large scale FPGA design, Brioconcept has the experience and knowledge to bring your idea to life. We have worked with all the majors players in the FPGA industry: Xilinx, Altera and Lattice. We have developed VHDL code for many different applications. […]

Brioconcept’s hardware design services cover the entire product development cycle from architecture to production management. Whether you are looking to increase your manpower with specific knowledge or looking for a full turnkey solution, we have the solutions to your problems. […]

  • FPGA Serdes simulation
  • Pre-layout simulation
  • Post-layout simulation
  • Clock and critical nets
  • Board spice creation

Simulation Service

  • Ground & supplies bounce
  • Power planes resonance analysis

Simulation Service

Design review is a main activity in Brioconcept. In the development process of a product, reviews are achieved to evaluate the design against the requirements and to identify the blocking issues before any product release. […]

Vision Circuits is Brioconcept’s layout division and sister company. Vision Circuits provides high quality PCB Design services to all sectors of the electronic industry. We pride ourselves in being responsive, quick and reliable. Wether you are a small one man operation or a large multi-national we have the team to exceed your expectations. […]

System integration consists of integrating the hardware, software and mechanical components, testing the outcome and making sure that the system is compliant to the client’s requirements. […]

The prototype is a first functional outline of the project with which the sales process can start and thus accelerate the commercialization of the product. […]

Certification of the product is a process that requires exhaustive testing to be compliant with the standard norms of the market such as A2LA, FCC, Industry Canada, TUV America, VDE… […]

Development, maintenance and updates for Web based applications with server and client side, commercial web sites and content management systems.


  • M2M & IOT
  • Industrial Control
  • Medical
  • Telecommunication
  • Broadcast
  • Energy
  • Robotics
  • Wireless
  • High Speed
  • Embedded Systems
  • Transport
  • Automotive

Brioconcept wireless?

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