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Test engineering

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Programming Test Jig

To avoid delivery delays of electronic products, it often happens that the firmware is not final during assembly. Pre programming microcontrollers is a good choice in terms of time and cost. However, this means that we should have a final version of the software.

When there is a change of version of the embedded software of […]

Test jig for CAN communication module

This Test Jig tests the CAN, USB and UART communications.

It also performs many analog voltage reading to ensure that the assembly of electronic parts is performed.

A user interface allows to adapt the tests according to customer requirements. It also informs if the tests were successful and inform about the tests that did not pass.

“Bed of […]

Test jig for Wifi and Zigbee

This Test Jig validates the power of WiFi and ZigBee signals .

The detection module ensures the correct location to avoid serial number errors.

Light Indicators illustrate whether tests have passed and the units have issued the expected power.

A user interface allows you to view test results and what unit does not pass the tests.

Power Meter communicating […]

Production test jig for thermostat

This Test Jig validates the final product, so as to know whether the product has been put into housing.

This type of Test Jig comprises electronic components and electromechanical systems that can simulate human manipulation that normally interfere with the tested product.

It avoids human manipulation which may sometimes be inadequate or non-constant. It is programmed to […]