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PROVA-X Test Appliance

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The PROVA-X is a packet-based test appliance for data centers, communications service providers and networking equipment manufacturers. This generic hardware appliance can be used for multiple applications, including Ethernet/IP network equipment benchmarking, network performance assurance, deep packet inspection, flow impairment and much more.

The PROVA-X is based on reconfigurable FPGA technology and is equipped with latest […]

Smart Home Controller

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A complete smart home controller with an advanced smartphone application that enables you to take control of your entire home. With an interactive platform, you can control your lights, motion detectors, audio / video devices, alarm system in addition to any Z-Wave compatible device.

Train Communication System

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Brioconcept has contributed in the development of audio and visual display systems for the railway industry.

Audio Features:

One way communication from cabs to passengers;
Prerecorded announcements with manual or automatic trigger;
Crew Intercom: full-duplex communication;
Passenger Intercom: half-duplex communication;
Isolated analog and digital communication lines between all modules.

Display Features:

Interior display sign for digital announcements;
External side display for train destination;
Crew clock […]

3G Cellular Module

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The 3G Cellular Module :

2 in 1: Simple UART modem and Autonomous Java Terminal
Dual band
3V to 20V power input
1.2V to 3.3V IO support
Embedded IP stack
-30oC to +55oC
14mm x 31mm x 46mm
SMA connector
Micro SIM card
Java™ ME 3.2


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RxPense®* is a personal medication dispensing and remote monitoring solution that ensures Seniors and Chronic Care Patients at home (or elsewhere), take the correct medications on time and notifies caregivers if they miss a dose. It can also capture (though external sensors ), monitor and store vitals along with the electronic patient record for better […]

Polyurethane injection system for podiatric orthosis

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The system consists of an Android application that communicates via Bluetooth to the standing station to get the most balanced position of the patient in order to determine the pressure points and to produce the most comfortable podiatric orthosis using an advanced Polyurethane injection system. The orthotist has the possibility to customize the orthosis by […]

Computerized Feeding System

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Brioconcept has developed a computerized feeding system for farrowing sow, designed to provide meals in a very precise and continuous manner.

The principal characteristic of the feeder is that even when your computer fails, the system continues to operate without a problem. It’s an independent and autonomous system built for ultimate reliability.


High-speed camera

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This high resolution camera was developed for the microelectronic inspection industry. It can operate at up to 500fps with a higher resolution than HD (2368 x1728). It sends all its data through a high speed communication PCIe cable at speeds up to 40Gbps. Brioconcept was in charge of developing the electronic circuit, DSP firmware and […]

Bidirectional charger for electric vehicules

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This 7kW charger allows the energy to be transferred from the network to the battery and from the battery to the network during peak period.


Thermal management (Liquid cooled)
Power line communication (PLC)
Multiple board system
High voltage (500V)

Battery and charger

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This battery and charger was developed for the movies industry. the 126WH battery used C-LiFePO4 cells developed by l’IREQ. It also features a BMS and RFID for better battery tracking. Capable of delivering up to 20A, the battery can be charged in approximately 45 min.

Battery management
LCD Screen
Voltage and current monitoring