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Polyurethane injection system for podiatric orthosis

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The system consists of an Android application that communicates via Bluetooth to the standing station to get the most balanced position of the patient in order to determine the pressure points and to produce the most comfortable podiatric orthosis using an advanced Polyurethane injection system. The orthotist has the possibility to customize the orthosis by […]

High-speed camera

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This high resolution camera was developed for the microelectronic inspection industry. It can operate at up to 500fps with a higher resolution than HD (2368 x1728). It sends all its data through a high speed communication PCIe cable at speeds up to 40Gbps. Brioconcept was in charge of developing the electronic circuit, DSP firmware and […]

Bidirectional charger for electric vehicules

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This 7kW charger allows the energy to be transferred from the network to the battery and from the battery to the network during peak period.


Thermal management (Liquid cooled)
Power line communication (PLC)
Multiple board system
High voltage (500V)

60 Gbps telecommunication router

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This 60Gbps router was designed for the telecommunication industry. It features a micro TCA interface and the largest FPGA available at that time. Brioconcept designed the electronic circuit and used extensive simulations in order to bring a fully functional board on the first version.

High speed transceivers
High bandwidth FPGA design
High components density design
Multiple memory interface
18 layers […]

Personal locator

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This GPS watch serves as a personal locator that include advanced 3G/4G cellular technologies for rapid alerting and accurate GPS locating to within 10ft (3m).  Fall detection and Bluetooth connectivity are other features included in this waterproof locator.

Cellular communication
Bluetooth communication
GPS receiver
Rigid/Flex PCB

Video router

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This card was developed as part of a whole system for the telecommunication industry. It features a large scale FPGA and many high speed communication ports.

12 x 10Gpbs communication interface
FPGA high speed serdes
CPLD for control and low speed communication
PLL and crosspoint switch
PCIe Gen2