Project Description

This Test Jig validates the final product, so as to know whether the product has been put into housing.

This type of Test Jig comprises electronic components and electromechanical systems that can simulate human manipulation that normally interfere with the tested product.

It avoids human manipulation which may sometimes be inadequate or non-constant. It is programmed to perform tests of the same length and always in the same order giving results of constant testing.

Tests like those below can be achieved:

1. Activating a touchscreen display by activating a mechanical lever.
2. Reading a color gamut of an LCD screen.
Activating a light detector via an external light source.
Simulation of a movement to test a motion detector.
Automatic activation of a micro switch RESET using a microelectromechanical pin.
Several other tests can be performed depending on the product. 


A user interface allows you to view test results and what unit does not pass the tests.

Machining plastic parts to fit perfectly into the final enclosure of the product to ensure constant product location in the Fixture Tests.

Model shown here is used to test one unit. This amount can be increased depending on the physical size of the units.