Welcome to Brioconcept

Brioconcept is a leading electronic product development and consulting company with expertise in high speed design and signal integrity. Our team has the talent and ability to add value to your product development projects in the areas of:

  • System architecture and design, from single board design to multi-boards complex systems
  • Hardware design
  • Simulations, from thermal analysis to high speed signal integrity
  • Firmware design based on DSP, Microprocessor and FPGA
  • Web applications
  • Test engineering
  • Wireless products
  • Project management and support (components procurements, ROHS conversion and more)

Brioconcept has worked with companies from start-ups to industry leaders in the Communications, Broadcast Video, Defence and Security, Aerospace and Semiconductor market sectors. As a trusted design partner since 2007, Brioconcept’s team has delivered more than 300 projects to over 80 different clients across the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our clients with the most reliable service ever. When working with Brioconcept, you work with the most efficient and talented engineers in the electronics consulting industry. Our services are adapted to your needs, from turnkey product development to specific assistance in any stage of your design. We have proven time and again that our services improve your time to market while producing best-in-class products. We garantee our design to be fully functional in 2 versions or less.

Meet Our Board

David Fromont
David FromontPresident and Co-owner
David is responsible for the general management, business development and all activities related to finance at Brioconcept. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree and a M.B.A. Prior to funding Brioconcept, David has worked for more than 10 years as project manager and hardware designer in the telecommunications, broadcasting video, audio and video security fields.
Sylvain Ainsley
Sylvain AinsleyVP Engineering and Co-owner
Sylvain, with his extensive experience in electronics, drives the Brioconcept team of engineers and designers to excellence through the realisation of high complexity and high speed electronic designs. He is actively implicated in Brioconcept’s most challenging projects, leading the system architecture and critical project management. He holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics and almost 20 years experience in hardware design.
Martin Payette
Martin PayetteVP Business Development
Martin is responsible of improving the organization’s market position and achieve financial growth by helping to define long-term organizational strategic goals, pursuing sales leads and prospective clients, delivering presentations and business proposals, negotiating and closing business deals, developing business plans including marketing strategies, maintaining extensive knowledge of current market conditions, maintaining important client relationships and establishing key partnerships. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering with more than 10 years experience in electronics.